• University of Living

    A Gameworld that offers preparation to Initiations into Adulthood, and Skills for building inner Nonmaterial infrastructure to prepare you to jack into your Archetypal Lineage to create real results in the world, collectively building out Regenerative cultures: Archiarchy.

    Something else is possible to what you have been told and shown up until now.

    Are you ready to step into the Unknown and get uncomfortable, to discover what that could be?

    If yes, then this is the place for you. 

  • What is the cost in doing what you are doing?

    I remember the question my father asked me when I was about to change my mind about continuing my studies at University.


    I had already completed 2 years of the course I was doing, and I was talking about dropping out to travel and experiment in life, in life itself. In that conversation, my father asked me: "What will it cost you to finish this university? You are already halfway there." He and my mother were filled with fear. They were afraid of my future and how I would handle things without the security of the knowing path. They love me, and this was their way of saying, "I love you".


    My father's question opened up a whole new world for me.


    I went to my room and wrote his question in my notebook. I started to answer his question literally. I started to list all the costs of continuing with the university:


    - It costs me my time and energy, the time I could spend traveling and learning about new cultures, talking to people, being in nature;

    - It costs my love for learning, I have been sacrificing my passion for learning for so long because every minute I spent reading and studying what the teachers told me to do, I started hating learning more and more;

    - It costs the exhaustion of my physical body in handling the amount of stress and fear of not having the "right answer" that the teachers expect me to have, of not doing well on the tests.

    - It has cost the new spaces that I am now from clown work, creativity studies and spiritual work groups. If I decide to stay at the university, I will pay the price of leaving these groups that feed my being;

    - It will cost my aliveness and my joy of life. I would sacrifice my aliveness and my potential to create my own path and to discover by trying. After the university, it would be only 2 more years for a mester, and then 2 more years for phd, and then 20 more years working in something that gives me some money to survive, and so on and so forth

    - It costs my intuition and my dignity, because by choosing to stay in the university, I would choose to believe more in what people tell me than in my heart.


    I went on, I wrote pages and pages. As I did so, some questions came to me, such as:


    "How come the things you love are on the periphery of your life, or you even consider creating a life where you don't have time to do them? How come you have to quit your clown class or your spiritual study group or your drama group to 'go to college'? To let you do that thing when you 'retire'?"


    I began to cry. The level of sadness got so high that it broke the high bar of numbness I had built in. I could not stop crying. I was sad and angry because I realized that the price I was paying was actually too high and I had already sacrificed a lot. It was not "just another two years." It was my life.


    Right there I got the fuel to make the decision.


    I am OUT. This is over. I immediately called the college and canceled my registration.


    While I was materializing this decision, FEAR took over my body.


    And NOW? What to do now? What if this intuition is wrong? What if it's not a good idea to travel? What if my parents are right? I'm going to work, I thought. But in what?


    I was lost. Doubts hit me from everywhere.


    The doubts were doing what they do amazingly well, they were disempowering me and extinguishing my fire, my Anger. But back them I did not know that. I thought these voices were me.




    Before we continue, I propose you take a time to do this practice


    Stop whatever you are doing and take a deep breath.


    One more. Deep into your belly.


    Bring your attention to the center of your abdomen. Stay there for a while.


    Take a paper and a pen. Write on the top: What is the cost of doing what I am doing?

    What am I sacrificing to be... (in University or to try to enter into University, for example)?


    Ps: if you are not interested in University, you can use something else, like this group you are trying to fit in, or this work, or this relashionship... or whatever the thing you feel you are sacrificing things are important to you to do what others want you to do.


    Then start writing everything that comes.


    Do not think so much. Just write. Let your hand do it before your mind thinks. Your mind will try to analyze and think if it makes sense, it's okay. It's trying to protect you. Keep going.


    Do not stop until you start to feel something. Until you start to feel anger or fear or sadness or joy. Do not stop until you feel the pain in your heart, until you get in touch with what you have been hiding, making secret and numbing.


    When you start to feel, notice the tendency to numb it, that comes immediately.


    The impulses to pick up the cell phone, to stop the practice, to do the next thing, to say I don't have time for this, to open the refrigerator, to go to sleep, to play a video game, to meditate, to go for a run. Stay with it. Observe what you observe. Stay with the discomfort.


    After staying there, reach out to someone in this group. This is a global group of qualified people who speak different languages and facilitate listening spaces and emotional healing process. Text there "who will hold space for me to express my feelings and emotions about what I am sacrificing in my life to be in..."


    This might be a new beginning. A Start Over.


  • Authentic Initiations into adulthood

    Becoming adult it is not something that happens from night to day, like becoming 18 years old. Becoming adult is a journey that has a beginning but no end.  


    Authentic Adulthood is a potential, not a given. At 18 you are declared by authorities outside yourself that you are now an 'adult'. However, people not automatically grow and develop into responsible, community-oriented adults by itself. It takes Adults to Initiate people into Adulthood.


    "This transition to adulthood is exceedingly difficult in Western societies because there are no systems of adulthood rites to systematically guide and direct the young person through this important stage in his or her life cycle. In Western culture adulthood is seen as a status achieved at the age of 18 or 21, or simply when the person graduates from high school. Unfortunately, in most cases there is no fundamental guidance or transformation from a child to an adult that is required or expected. This “leave it for chance” approach to adulthood development is the root of most teenage and youth “adult” confusion, chaos, and uncertainty. When the youth reach a certain age, somehow they are expected to magically transformed into an “adult,” eventhough they often receive very little guidance. On the other hand, African societies systematically initiate boys and girls. They often take the young initiates out of the community, and away from the concerns of everyday life, to teach them all the ways of adulthood: including the rules and taboos of the society; moral instruction and social responsibility; and further clarification of his/her mission or calling in life." (Manu Ampim)


    Initiation concerns undergoing a fundamental set of rites to start a new phase or beginning in life. It marks the passing from one phase in life to the next more mature phase. Initiation fundamentally has to do with Transformation, Healing and Responsability. Initiations were outlawed by the patriarchal empire 6000 years ago.


    In the past, initiations were based on removing the child's point of origin from the nuclear family, the parents, and relocating its point of origin within the tribe, within the traditions. The proposal nowdays in Possibility Managment is not to bring back this same kind of initiation, because the conditions of our time are completely different from those of the past. The 21st century requires other types of initiations. The times nowdays asks for Initiations where people can stand in their power as Creators and Inventors, shifting from being a consumer (a planet), into being a source of creation (a star).


    To find Initiations and process of Growing up, will take you to go to the edges of modern culture. Going to the edges means going to places you do not know. Places that are not on Netflix and mainstream media. Places your friends don't talk about. Places that are not in the books, actors, and studies offered by your teachers and your university. Places that are not in the comfort of your parents' house.


    Your Conscious Fear is your compass and your ally. 


    A part of the text 'A Tadpole’s Tail' . Written by Martín Prechtel


    "The strong instinct young people have to be enamored of magnificent chieflike heroes, to follow political movements, to imitate celebrities or to espouse big ideas, comes from all people’s natural gravitation toward a confrontation with the divine in this world. However amateurish, the young long for the spirit, for the deliciousness of living life beyond the calculated hum-drum, survival and safety of their parents’ world.


    In their idealism, some youths want to “fix” everything. In a frustrated disillusionment other teenagers want to destroy everything that has gone away in a world that was handed to them, a world already ruined by “stupid” adults. In either case, the youth want to charge up a hill at the enemy.


    The main difference between the cultures who send their youth to war or corporations and the culture of a Mayan village lay in the fact that the village elders did not send their youth off to war armed with computers, swords, rocket launchers, or tanks to kill and raid, creating more Death. Very significantly, they sent their Rainwarriors to fight against the Deity of Death, to fight Death itself, not to make more death but to coax Death into releasing life back to us.


    People who didn’t fight Death in adolescence were destined to live in a walking death (zombies). Already killed, depressed, and dangerous they become wreakers of violence, makers of death, corporate soldiers, and, more importantly, they become the destroyers of all that is Female.


    Because they had not fought Death, Death still had their souls, their Female Spirit Brides. Because these uninitiated men have no souls, they begin to “steal” women, to “rob” the Female Earth of its minerals, trees, and wealth, in a vain attempt to fill that hollow place in them where the Female soul should have been sitting, trying to steal a soul, just as Death had stolen the Goddess from life to fill his emptiness.


    If initiation is about culture and the modern world desires initiation it will have to redefine itself. A new culture would have to develop where humans and their inventions are not at the center of the universe, and where God too is not at the center. What could be at the center is a hollow place, an empty place, where both God and we humans could sing and weep together as a team pushing magical words into that sacred Hole. "


    Martín Prechtel describes beautifully the necessity of facing death. In the absence of Authentic Initiatory processes in modern culture, some young people decide to create certain deaths themselves. This takes many forms; some examples are screaming at friends or teachers at school, or even literally killing themselves. Many of those who do not literally kill themselves choose to kill themselves gradually in other ways, such as not living the life they want.

    When you conform to the system and decide "I'm going to go the way my parents went", you are killing yourself because you are not living your life. Instead you are living :

    - what your parents want you to live.

    - what the government wants you to live,

    - what the media wants you to live,

    - what the vocational test wants you to live,

    - what your friends want you to live,

    - what your teachers want you to live.


    You have to sacrifice your soul and heart's desires to be "falsely" accepted and loved. On the surface, it may seem like a good thing, something civilized and "normal" for you to be successful. But deep down you are slowly killing yourself. You are creating a life of frustration, pressure, illness, despair, depression and ambition.




    Being born and raised in modern culture took you far away from your Being, from thriving as human being on Earth. It also didn't prepare you to grow up, to enter adulthood. On the contrary, we have been prepared for years to obey, to copy, and to remain like children, making messes and waiting for others to clean them up and save us. We have been trained for years to sit on metal or wooden chairs that take us away from being human.


    Therefore, before even trying to 'become adults', there are certain preparations to go through first that will enable you to reclaim your humanity.

    As you regain your innate abilities as an alive human being, such as feeling your feelings, communicating what you want and need, making contact and connection, you start to build the necessary Matrix to take more responsibility in the world.




    "Why are adolescents with clarity and energy for regenerative change forced to march in the streets holding up placards only to be attacked with pepper spray in the eyes then beaten and dragged away by corporate-sponsored militar?


    There is a few distinctions added to Buckminster Fuller’s declaration: “You do not change things by fighting against the existing gameworlds. You change things by cavitating and inhabiting new gameworlds that make the existing gameworlds irrelevant.”_ It is the task of the youth to build new gameworlds."


    There is a potential in you, young adult, as Spaceholder for the Now and for a possible Future.

    You do not need a job, you need Initiation into Authentic Adulthood and the Liberation of your Potentials in Archan /Gaian Gameworld.


    18, What Now? is a gameworld with the purpose to empower and prepare you, young adult, to go through Authentic Initiations into Adulthood and step into and deliver your own non-material value.


    I call it an Institute of the Technology of Living because this space is a territory where you're given the opportunity to learn skills that bring you closer to being human and living.


  • What might be stopping you?


    You have learned to be afraid of your fear. You learned to numb your fear. You built up many amazing and creative ways to survive though your childhood.

    You made it and were successful in it.

    This has kept you where you do not want to be. It has kept you stuck in the prisons that society has made for you.

    You make the fear of leaving where you are greater than the fear of staying where you are.

    There are two main fears that have probably kept you stuck in the decision to move your Point of Origin from linear life plan (University, Work, Money, House, Care, Marriage, Family, Vacation, Car, Retirement and Death) to something else:



    This was and still is a big issue for me.


    In the book Sacred Economics, Charles describes money as "I have something you need, and I want to give it to you. So I do, and you are grateful and want to give me something in return. But you don't have anything that I need right now. So instead you give me a token of your gratitude-a useless, pretty thing like a wampum necklace or a piece of silver or, nowadays, cash. This token says, "I have met other people's needs and earned their gratitude.


    Money is one of the resources that exist today. But it's not the only one. There are a number of other resources, such as connections with people, questions (which create opportunities and necessities for your gifts to come through), your feelings, your Brigh Principles, your intuition, your team of friends...


    One way has been empowering me to learn to source money in my life in different ways then I was hammered at school and in family it's to give. To give the people around me presence, listening, clarity, love, possibility, inspiration, encouragement. To be of service wherever I am, to be who I am, and to give without measure.


    It took about a year and a half of learning skills and healing some emotional fears (like I'll die if I don't have money) to get the resource money through who I am.


    During that time I did manual things (like creating website for people, editing videos, creating designs, cleaning...) to create money to go in trainings, travel and sustain myself.


    There is a lot we can explore here.


    I'll also come up with more videos sharing the discoveries I've made so far on this topic.




    "If I start doing what I really want to do, what will people think of me? What will my parents think if I decide to leave university? What will my friends think if I start that xxx project I've been dreaming about?"


    This is a common emotional fear around us. Mainly because as a child we did not have our basic needs of belonging and love fulfilled. As 'adults' we try to do whatever it takes to fulfill these needs, even though we know that we cannot change the past. Even that we have to sacrifice great things, like what we want to do, in order to anticipate the future of someone judging or criticizing us.


    People pretend to love things like 'drinking' or 'football'. Most people don't really love football or drinking, but they love the feeling of belonging that they can access through football or drinking. The feeling that comes from sharing an experience with a group of 'I'm part of it'.


    There is layers of healing to do in this territory to open more space to choose something else then basing the root of your decision in belonging.


    Besides that, what I can encourage you to do is to create a team, to get along with people and meet weekly, a space where you can share your feelings, practice skills, be completely honest.

  • Possibilities and doorways

    You might be reading this website and wondering. Okay. I have the picture you are painting. But what now? How can I change my life? How do I deal with the practical things, like money? How can I take care of my basic needs without sacrificing my life to a corporate job? How can I learn the skills I want to learn? How can I learn to learn? How do I get through the initiations? How do I find my fellow companions of journey?


    There is no magic answer to these questions. There is no single answer. There is no linear starting point. The path there is a biggning, but no end. You choose the beginning. I am not going to be the person to tell you what to do or to say first do this and then do that.


    However, there are opportunities and doorways that you may want to try and experiment with.


    If you decide to jump out of the patriarchy, it will be dark. By dark I mean unknowable, frightening, unpredictable, unstable. All of this goes against your mamifero brain, which is looking for what is safe, predictable and constant. These possibilities are some lighters you can use along your path.


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    Possibility Teams are groups of people from all over the world, online and offline, who meet to support each other in their projects, practice skills, hold emotional healing and listening spaces for each other, play games, and whatever else comes up to connect the people in the space.


    In this calendar you can find the active teams and join them. You can use the filter (study group or possibility teams).

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    Go travel

    Check the things you have not used in the last two weeks. Maybe it's your guitar with cobwebs in the corner. Maybe it is clothes you do not use anymore, or a computer, or toys from your childhood. Whatever it is, collect these things and sell them.


    Use that money to take a cheap trip to a place near where you live. Instead of taking a plane or bus, hitchhiking, staying in hostels or camping, talk to the local people. Explore. Try to be present in reality, not so much in the virtual world.


    Share your experiences through video, writing, or whatever your way of expressing yourself is.

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    ETB means Expand the Box. ETB is an initiatory 5 day training where you learn to add the F to your own shit. It is a space where you experience shift after shift.


    Shift in the way you relate to your feelings and emotions. Shift in the way you learn. Shift in the way you relate with Responsability. Shift in your relationships. Shift in the way you see and connect with money, earth, culture, life.


    It's a shift into composting the Shit to become earth to sprout your seed. Seeds that your being carries within you to a brighter future.


    Commit yourself to join one of the next ETBs will happen around the world. Commit before you know how. Start saving and creating money for that,


  • Visions to the Future

    1. This is my plan of what I will do when I have 100 million euros. If any of the values and projects mentioned there atracts you, maybe you are the person with you I might want to collaborate with you. Let's have a call. Text me here.


    2. I will create a fund pool where young adults can borrow money to begin their path of initiation into adulthood and also their path as a spaceholder for what turns them on.


    It will be a fund for the purpose of financing education and initiation into adulthood for young people between the ages of 17 and 23. The application process itself will be a journey of transformation and experimentation. For those who wish to apply to receive the gift, there will be an interview to tune in the person's background and purpose, and then an acompaniment of experiments that build a matrix in the person to learn to "fish", such as "write your 100 million plan", create a gift with their hands and give it to someone, spend a month volunteering in a prison, or in an elderly home, or something like that... The experiments will depend on where the person is and the neecessity.


    It is not about filling out a form and saying how committed you are. It is a journey where you become the commitment to your own path. The experiments that are offered along the way teach you to fish, not just give you a fish to feed now and the next day you start yourself.


    3. I dream of a future where there are physical centers around the world for young people to come together to fall into, and shift from Moder Culture do Arquiachy. A place to empower each other to grow, to practice spaceholder, healing and game world builder skills, and to be with each other.


    Do you have a piece of land or a house that needs a guardian and a steward? Are you available to lend your space for a few weeks to have the first "pancake", the first pilot of this project?Contact me. I have proposals to honor and use the land for a brighter future for humanity.



    Enter spaces to practice, create new possibilities, start over, experience high-level fun and adventure, and make new friends who may become your companions on this path.

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    (Tui Community, Takaka, New Zealand)

    This is a 2 hours, in-person conversation that Gabriela Fagundes will be holding space for. It will take place on January 11th at the Tui Community, Takaka, New Zealand from 2pm to 4pm.


    In this space we will be exploring the miths of becoming 18, 'adult' and where each of us is, what our life plans are, our changes. It's a safe place to share whatever is on your heart. Also it's a place to talk about money, 'carrer', relashioship and whatever emerges in the space.


    Bring a food that you like. At the end we will share a meal together and play a game.


    It's a free registration. To confirm your presence contact Gabriela here.


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    This is a one-day, in-person event that Gabriela Fagundes and Maria Diaz will be holding space for. It will take place on January 13th at Kotinga Hall, Takaka, New Zealand from 9am to 5pm.


    In this space we will explore the territory of consciouss feelings using anger as a starting point. By shifting your Relashioship, in reality, to your anger, you gain access to unfolding your being through the archetype of the warrior. You are entering a whole new realm of possibilities in your life, work, and relationships.


    To ask questions and make your registration, contact Gabriela here

    broken image

    In the SHIT? Add One Letter to SHIFT!

    There is a F missing in your shit. SHIFT!


    This is a 2 hour online conversation about the swamp and the shift that can happen in your life if you accept where you are.


    It's a space dedicated to you who are between the ages of 17 and 25. Bring whatever shit is happening in your life right now that you consider big or small. And together we will explore the F that is missing in it.


    To ask questions and make your registration, contact Gabriela here.

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    This is 4 weeks, online training where Gabriela Fagundes will be holding space for it. The sessions will be held at Zoom on Mondays (Feb 29th, Jan 5th, 12th and 19th) from 8pm to 10:30pm CET. There will be a free introductory session on January 22nd from 8pm to 9:30pm CET.


    In this room we will explore the territory of conscious feelings using anger as a starting point. By shifting your Relashioship, in reality, to your anger, you gain access to the unfolding of your being through the archetype of the warrior. You enter a whole new realm of possibilities in your life, work and relationships.


    You can get a sense how I navigate the space waching the recording of this introduction.


    To ask questions and make your registration, contact Gabriela here.


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  • Resources

    Access articles, experiments, inspiration, possibilities and glimpses of the undolding in

    reality of what you read on this website.

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    Becoming Money

    Here there are some articles and ways to go deeper in that research, with practical actions to take.


    Your "problems" with money may not necessarily be about money itself. But a lack of skills to communicate, to ask, to make proposals, to consciouss create. You may also be lacking the radical reliance and experiential access to the vast inner resources you have with you, inside you.


    For the last two years I've been doing experiments to create a new relationship with money and my inner and outer resources. You can find some of this research in these articles. If you would like to know more, please contact me for an interview.


    Article: Unleash your energy for creation

    Article: What is blocking you from Unfolding your Essence

    Worktalk: Scarcity, what is 

    Sacred Economics: Money, Gift and Society in the Age of Transition, Charles Eisenstein

    broken image

    Tanika Tales

    ON A SOFT green planet, a smiling baby was born in an orchard resplendent with every kind of fruit in the universe. The baby’s parents called her Tanika, and Tanika spent her days roaming the warm wet ground on hands and knees. Spotting a clump of gulberries off in the distance, she’d crawl after it and crush the sweet fruit in her mouth, red juice staining her brown chin and neck. A muavo would fall fatly from the high crown of the muavo tree, and she’d savor its golden tang.

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    If changing your mind it is not an option, then you live in a prison

    How many times have you found yourself doing something that no longer made sense? How many times have you stayed or gone to a place just because you “told” you would be there? How many times have you spent hours, days, weeks or maybe years doing something just because you started doing it? How many times have you continued with a story about yourself or the world that no longer made sense? How many times have you stayed doing work that turns you into a zombie? How many times have you turned your life from water to concrete?


    If changing your mind is not an option, then, in fact, you are in a prison. No matter the context, the situation, the person, whatever, you always have within your range of possibilities, the option to give up, to change your mind, to reconsider.

    The Thrival Guide

    5 Keys to Coming alive Through Change

    A practical 30 page workbook for you to journey through as you come into an intimate connection with life, change and yourself.

    Avaliable here: Order Thrival Guide now.



    Charles Eisestein

    "If I could speak to myself at 18, I would affirm: your secret suspicion that you're here for something magnificent is true. That you are here to contribute to the unfolding of the magnificence of the creation of life. To contribute to more Life and Beauty in the world; and when I say magnificent, I don't mean to be famous or successful in the outworld sense, necessarily, but something magnificent for you, it's that YES, that's why I'm here. I had that spark of knowledge, like you probably have.


    Something great is going to happen in my life, and that something is going to happen beyond my life. That is what I would say, because it took me a long time to realize it, and I created so many doubts about this inner knowing and intuition that I had back then. And maybe that is part of the path. Hit a life initiation moment where you just cannot make sense of what is happening and that puts you back in the place of not knowing.

    I would tell to myself: reclaim your authentic Purpose and desires."


    Each one of this pictures drives you to a new website. Each website gift you with new memes and experiments to you try out in your life, in reality, to upgrade the way you think and see the world. This creates real results and new possibilities that you never had access to before.

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    Things to try out and Discover by yourself

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    Are you scared of not having money? Start writing a detailed plan for what you will do (not would) with 100 million dollars.


    Maybe in the beggining all you get is the 'ego' stuff, like buying a house, traveling, giving money to people around you. After that keep going. Keep writing and deepening in what things you would put your money. What are the things you give value? What are the things that really matters to you?


    Let yourself get liquid while researching that questions. Let you being in a space of not knowing and being blank. Let yourself discover things might suprise you about yourself.


    After you write your plan, if you want, share it with me in gabifagundes4@gmail.com. I want to read it and connect with your dreams and values.

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